Materials: raffia and shells

Dimensions: cm 69 x cm 210  (approximately 27″ x 83″)

Country of origin: Congo


Wonderful vintage african Kuba cloth in raffia, from the Kuba territory, a vast region of the present Democratic Republic of the Congo, where a tribal confederation composed of a dozen different peoples lives.

An idea to copy for the use of this wonderful african textile is to make a panel (framed or not) to hang on the wall, so as to create a spectacular decorative effect in the room.

This African Kuba cloth is an authentic used tribal garment and as such it may have imperfections and small signs of wear which represent a characteristic of the material and add beauty and uniqueness to the product.


Curious Note: Kuba cloths are African raffia sheets made from palm fibers, hand-woven by men and decorated exclusively by women, with different techniques, ranging from embroidery to painting, to the application of fabric, shells or other materials. Considered objects of great value, in the past they were used as vestments in the most important ceremonies, as a wedding dowry and also as a true currency universally accepted within the Kuba confederation.


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