About Us


Not simply ethnic, but Etno-Chic.com, where countries meet and cultures come together in an exotic, yet contemporary mix through which you can interpret your style and that of your home with an original refined touch.
The memory of places you have visited or just imagined, the discovery of unknown civilizations, a dip out of the ordinary… Etno-Chic.com products never leave you indifferent.You can find objects made by hand with an ancient techniques, passed down from generation to generation, fabrics and carpets created by ancient populations, beautiful, precious items that possess a soul and tell a story.
Etno-Chic.com is a link between the past and the traditions of distant lands with a contemporary style, in a wonderful mix of history, culture and art from different countries of the world.
Etno-Chic.com comes from the passion and the great interest for travel and interior design of two friends, Angelica Rodriguez and Simona Lorenzini.
Angelica Rodriguez was born in Mexico, but has lived in Italy, where she works as an architect and interior designer, or many years.
Simona Lorenzini, Italian freelance, has always been fascinated by traveling and exploring different cultures and traditions.
The meeting of two different sensitivities and cultures, united by a passion for exploration of distant countries, develops the idea of Etno-Chic.com, that selects the most beautiful creations of the masterful hands of craftsmen around the world for you.



Cuscini per pavimento, etnici e fatti a mano. Etno-chic commercializza prodotti che non lasciano per nulla indifferenti, oggetti realizzati a mano con tecniche antiche, con tessuti creati da popolazioni millenarie, complementi di arredo davvero ricercati e intrisi di storia.