Material: wood

Dimensions: cm 102 x cm 18,5 x cm 14

Country of origin: Mali


Magnificent wooden board in the shape of a crocodile made by hand by the Dogon population of Mali and used for the traditional game of Awalè or Warri (also called Mancala, according to the most famous denomination of Arab origin in Europe) with twelve game holes and others two extra at the extremes. Gorgeous piece of furniture.

Unique piece.


Curious Note : the game of Awalè or Warri has been the most popular strategy game in Africa since the dawn (about 3500 years ago), so much so that kids also play it on the street digging small holes in the ground and using pebbles as pawns. According to the legend, at night the game should not be closed somewhere, but left in the open for ghosts, spirits or anything else mysterious that can circulate after sunset: attracted by the Warri, the creatures of the night will start playing until to make the morning, leaving the inhabitants of the house alone.

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