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Moroccan pillows

Moroccan Berber Pillows

In our online shop you can find different types of authentic Moroccan Berber pillows, all handmade by the Berber people who inhabit the mountainous regions of the Atlas.

We have Berber cushions made from fragments of old carpets, handmade, in wool and cotton, which stand out for the richness of their color palette and for the magnificent variety of decorative motifs with lozenges, zigzag lines and other designs, expression of the rich Berber symbolism.

There are also cushions made of cactus silk (called Sabra silk) obtained, through a complex procedure, from the leaves of the Saharan agave or the Moroccan wedding pillows, generally obtained from the fragments of a handira, the traditional Moroccan wedding blanket made by women Berber from the High Atlas region, to wish the bride happiness, fertility and protection against evil.

Each pillow cover is one of a kind.


Take inspiration from images to furnish your home with Berber pillows