Material: wood

Dimensions: cm 52 x cm 18 x cm 12

Country of origin: Gabon


This magnificent African Fang mask, with the typical heart shape, the high forehead and the long and thin nose, represents one of the stylistic variants of Ngil’s Fang masks, where the peculiarity here is the pouting mouth placed at the end of the chin. This type of mask was used by the secret society Ngil (which no longer exists today), which was responsible for initiations and deputy to fight witchcraft. The Ngil was a purifying fire ritual, symbolized by the gorilla.

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Curious Note : the elegant and abstract shapes of the African Fang masks and their powerful, stylized and strongly expressive language, made these masks very attractive to European artists of the early modern age, who used them as a model, first of all Pablo Picasso.

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