Tappeti berberi e tappeti marocchini


Berber carpets, and in particular the Beni Ourain carpets, have become in recent years a much loved and sought-after piece of furniture throughout the world.

In reality these carpets, which are made by the nomadic tribes of the mountainous region of the Atlas in Morocco, were used by architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Alvaar Alto and Marcel Breuer for the interiors of their homes in the 1930s, they were loved by great artists like Paul Klee and Wassily Kandisky and Le Corbusier collected them.

The success of Berber carpets, also known as Moroccan rugs, is due first of all to their versatility, which allows their inclusion in the interior of any style, from minimal to bohemian, making the atmosphere warm and welcoming. These rugs are the perfect fusion of ethnic style with contemporary design.

The timeless appeal of these rugs also lies in their uniqueness, including the small imperfections that characterize them, typical of handmade products. Each rug is a unique piece, made according to ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation and embodies the personal history of the woman who woven it and the history of the Berber tribe to which she belongs, through symbolic decorative motifs that refer to some stages of life (fertility, marriage, motherhood etc) or to universal themes, such as protection against evil, luck etc. Each carpet is a unique book, which carries a message to decode, woven by the woman who created it.

The beauty of Berber rugs is due, in addition to the hidden history they tell, to their colors and designs of strong graphic expressiveness, able to give great personality to the room in which they are placed.

We could define the Berber carpets as “rebellious carpets”, unique, far from the schemes and stereotypes, whose features and style, with abstract forms, make them current, modern, original, decorative elements perfect for any environment.

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