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A few years ago in Paris was organized the beautiful exhibition “Femmes berbères du Maroc”, on the culture and traditions of the Berber people.

The exhibition was not born as the story of an incredible civilization, but above all as demonstration of the immense respect for those traditions that had characterized the “love story” between Yves Saint Laurent and the African country from the beginning.

Yves Saint Laurent belonged to Morocco“, says an article in a fashion magazine (

Who was Yves Saint Laurent?

An icon in the field of high fashion, has created a unique style, has been for decades the symbol of the most refined, modern and innovative elegance.

This great man had Morocco in his heart, he belonged to Morocco, he was in love with Morocco, he spent every free moment there, he let himself be inspired by the colors and the atmospheres of nature. There he fell in love with the Berber people, his culture and his art.

The refined Berber jewelry, today, would not look bad on the red carpet! And then there are the Zaiane wool and silk cushions, the soft Beni Ourain rugs, the colorful Boucherouite rugs and Ait Sgougou rugs, the wonderful Handira, the wool and cotton textile decorated with henna, just to talk about a minimal part of the immense cultural and artistic heritage of the Atlas tribes.

The cultural and artistic richness of the Berber heritage, despite being millenary and handed down from generation to generation, is surprisingly topical and therefore increasingly widespread and appreciated.

Those who know it fall in love with it, as did Yves Saint Laurent!

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