Materials: raffia and cotton

Dimensions: 55 cm x 55 cm   (approximately 22″ x 22″)

Country of origin: Congo/Italy

Among our ethnic pillows a prominent place is occupied by cushions made with African fabrics from the Kuba territory, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. African Kuba cloth are obtained from the fibers of the dwarf palm, which with a long process are transformed to be worked on a loom by men, who create strips of canvas, then sewn and embroidered by women with various techniques.

This wonderful Kuba African pillow is made in the front part with African Kuba cloth enriched with a decoration of cauri (the small white shells), which in the Bakuba tradition, together with the glass beads, were a sign of splendor and abundance and in the back with a antique cotton fabric for the wedding trousseau hand-woven in Italy.

Sold without filling. Dry clean.

Each pillow cover is one of a kind.

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