Materials: Cotton

Dimensions: 51 cm x 51 cm   (approximately 20″ x 20″)

Country of origin: Mali/Italy


Mudcloth pillow with one side made out of wonderful african mudcloth called Bogolan or Bogolanfini handmade by people of Mali in West Africa.

The word Bogolan means made of mud. As a matter of fact, the decoration on this african fabric is obtained by using mud, fermented through a long and complex procedure dating back to the twelfth century. Each color has a specific meaning, as do the designs and their arrangement. The mudcloth fabrics celebrate a social event, the qualities of a hero, such as his courage, or tell a proverb. The end result is always of great aesthetic value, thus making these special materials and products of refined craftsmanship, as well as true works of art.

Sold without filling. Cold wash.


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