Materials: Cotton and hemp

Dimensions: 45 cm x 58 cm   (approximately 18″ x 23″)

Country of origin: Mali/Italy


Mudcloth Cushion Indigo made in the front part of an authentic indigo Bogolan cotton fabric from Mali and in the back of an ancient fabric for the wedding kit in cotton and hemp woven by hand in Italy.

Indigo Bogolan fabric is made by the people of Mali by sewing together hand-woven cotton strips on traditional narrow looms that are dyed with the batik technique, not with mud, but with the pigment of the indigo plant that grows wild in the country.

The fabric used to make this cushion is an authentic used tribal garment and as such it could have imperfections and small signs of wear that represent only a characteristic of the material and add beauty and uniqueness to the product.

Sold without filling. Each Bogolan cushion is unique, one of a kind.


Curious Notebatik is a reserve dyeing technique for fabrics, that is, by covering the areas that you do not want to dye with wax or other waterproofing materials, typical of some populations of Southeast Asia and some ethnic groups of the African continent. The result is the typical marbled or dotted effect, with irregular, more or less elaborate motifs, which are unique and unrepeatable.


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