Materials: Wool

Dimensions: 190 cm x 260 cm (approximately 6,2 ft x 8,6 ft)

Country of origin: Morocco

Luxurious Beni Mrirt Berber carpet in wool, hand knotted by the Berber tribes of the Middle Atlas mountains in Morocco. An original, contemporary, bold Berber carpet, with vibrant colors, high quality pure wool fabric, truly one of a kind. Adorable.

If you love colors and a décor with a gritty character, which does not go unnoticed, but retains style and elegance, this Beni Mrirt Berber carpet is just for you! We at Etno-chic particularly love this rug and we imagine it inserted in white and minimal furnishings with some iconic pieces of 60s design, or inserted in a boho-chic furniture full of colors, cushions and vintage furnishings.

Unique piece.

Our rugs are all authentic Berber carpets: they are not “Berber style” and they are not made in Pakistan or India, but they are all hand woven by the Berber people of Morocco. If you are not satisfied with imitations and you love the unique beauty of authentic products, we are the shop for you!

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