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What is the definition of luxury today?

Exceeded the old concepts of logo, appearance at all costs, objects worn or held in purely ostentatious, luxury today is associated with concepts such as authenticity, craftsmanshiphandmade, culture.

In every sector, from fashion to design, there is a renewal of the idea of ​​luxury, which rejects the “pre-packaged” and homologated styles and objects and is oriented towards handmade, unique, customized objects, able to tell a story.

A non-standardized production acquires added value, characterized by accurate and detailed workmanship, with long execution times, such as craftsmanship.

Therefore, the idea of ​​luxury is associated increasingly with that of craftsmanship.

Owning artisan manufacturing goods increases the sense of uniqueness and competence sought by the luxury consumer, who today increasingly demands intellectual stimuli, experiences intended as paths of knowledge. Luxury no longer means only possessing precious objects, but rather understanding the history and the intrinsic value of their uniqueness.

The new luxury no longer implies the imitation of style models, but seeks instruments and combinations aimed at communicating oneself, creating a distinctive connotation, a personal mood.

The handmade craftsmanship and uniqueness characterize all the items on sale at Etno-chic.com: high quality and creative craftsmanship products, an expression of the history, culture and art of various areas of the world, in a mix of tradition and contemporaneity, which allow the buyer to interpret his own style and that of his own home with originality, personality and refinement.

You can find unique handmade in Italy jewels, soft and warm pure cashmere blankets, patiently hand-stitched table runners, hand-knotted berber carpets with soft fleece, wonderful cushions made with rare and unique African Shoowa fabrics for sale on our website, by clicking below.

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