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The Manton de Manila is a traditional women’s garment of Spain, but famous throughout the world.

It’s a large shawl, normally associated with Flamenco, where the bailaora it does twirl with skill and sensuality, but also used for parties, weddings, fancy events or on summer evenings outdoors.

This Spanish shawl derives its name from the Philippine city of Manila, because originally the mantones were made to realize in China, where were considered a high quality product for the upper classes and then brought to the Philippines, then a Spanish colony, to be dispatched from Manila to Seville.

The typical Spanish Manton de Manila is satin or silk, with fine embroidery that often represent floral and animal, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, and with the flecos, the fringe, which most are long and bushy more ensure a good fall and therefore greater aesthetic.

This elegant Spanish shawl can be worn in different ways, but generally it bends in half, or along the diagonal to form the triangle or in the middle, combining the two parallel sides, then pass it, either way, on the shoulders of the person, with the two extremes resting arms, in order to enhance the embroidery and the making of shawl.

This fine Spanish shawl can be used not only as a piece of clothing: in some case is hung on the wall like a real picture or spread elegantly over the bed, like the one in the chamber of the Los Angeles house of the well-known actor Johnny Depp, a beautiful orange color.

In any case, this is true works of art, symbol of refinement and tradition.

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