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Choose a style for the home of your dreams or your favorite room … have you ever considered boho chic style with timeless charm?

Into decorating our house or simply an environment it is essential to make a clear choice on the style to be adopted.

Some people prefer classic furnishings, other modern furniture, more rustic furniture and then there are those who like to bring within the home shapes and colours expression of far away countries, in a wonderful mix of history, culture and art from different parts of the world, then boho chic style .

Boho chic style uses furniture and accessories such as rugscushionspoufblankets, lamps, exclusively handmade, mainly made of natural materials, warm colours and rich textures and colors details. All items possess a soul, tell a story and have a mysterious fascination.

Boho chic style mixes the taste and contemporary design with that exotic, blends modernity and tradition, the important thing is to create a balanced and elegant mix, using a few carefully selected objects. You can choose the minimal lines and geometric of African fabrics and objects, or the bright colors of the Latin American countries or neutral shades and delicate of the Far East.

Boho chic style is a charming style that never goes out of style. Far from excessive aesthetic canons of pure ethnic style, this new trend is more essential and sophisticated, careful and refined for the attention to detail, to furnish with taste and charm in a contemporary style.

In the boho chic style home you might even find a few out of place objects, but its charm is all there: it is the cheerful imperfection of the bohemian décor that puts guests in a good mood, making them feel at ease from the first minute.

It’s a very personal style that allows you to create unique and original spaces : to decorate a house in boho chic style all it takes is a little imagination, a lot of personality and ideas, in order to create a space with your taste and your sensitivity, where you feel peaceful and happy through the memories, lived or dreamed, of far away countries …

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