8.Blog Casa etno chic di Emma Francois


In France there is a very charming house in boho chic style, photographed in numerous furniture magazines all over the world.
The house belongs to the designer Emma François, a woman who has made creativity its lifestyle. Her story is rather unusual: a young anthropologist who leaves for South America where she discovers her true vocation, creating feminine clothes that recall the memory of ancient civilizations in the tissues.
The house has a warm and relaxing atmosphere and is a true tribute to creativity.
The house is located in Marseille and its interior decoration, both inside and outside, is very special : every object, coming from Emma’s many travels around the world, tells a story, tells us about her love for the different countries that visited and for their culture, in a perfect mix with historical pieces of classic and Scandinavian design, in perfect boho chic style.
In the middle of the living area there is a magnificent Berber carpet, surrounded by a sofa and several seats on which are supported many Moroccan cushions of different sizes, renowned for their quality, for the richness of their color palette and for the magnificent variety decorative motifs, as well as a comfortable Moroccan floor cushion.
Several corners of the house are furnished with originality and refined taste, using Berber cushionsMexican cushionskilim rugs and various hand-woven fabrics, all skilfully mixed with vintage Scandinavian-style furniture.
Even the bathroom space is delightful with a few objects, a large white bath, a mirror resting on the floor, the brightly colored kilim rug.
As well as the outdoor area, the terrace is in boho chic style and invites you to travel and tells you about the timeless love for the distant lands that accompanies the owner and her family in their daily lives.
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