Materials: Lava stones, bone, turquoise, silver

Dimensions: cm 48 ( approximately 19 inches) in length  

Country of origin: Italy

Beautiful men necklace with black smooth lava stones, natural turquoise and bone element constituting one of the eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism, which represents the knot of infinite love. Unique piece made by hand in Italy.

The men necklace is shipped with the certificate that guarantees the authenticity of the used materials.


Curious note : The knot of infinite love is the ultimate auspicious symbol, reminding us that every positive and favorable effect in our future has its roots and causes in our present actions.

Turquoise is known as one of the oldest protection stones, and was used as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. Turquoise is a self-realization stone, helping you better understand your emotions and desires.

Lava stone brings a calming and centered vibe. It can help to dissipate anger and absorbs negative energy.


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