Materials: Sabra silk

Dimensions: 50 cm x 48 cm (approximately 20″ x 19″)

Country of origin: Morocco


Beautiful Sabra cactus silk pillow handmade by artisans from a Moroccan village in the Atlas Mountains, featuring a hidden zipper along one side. The front side is embroidered with symbolic motifs typical of the Berber tradition, the back is simple without embroidery.

The process of working this type of silk, as well as being long, is very fascinating: the pointed leaves of the Saharan agave cactus are collected, hammered and then soaked to release fibers. The fibers are then spun by hand using traditional processes to produce cactus silk, which is then hand-woven on a loom. For the colors, only natural vegetable and botanical dyes are used.

The pillow is sold without filling. Avoid contact with water, dry cleaning only.
Unique piece.

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