Materials: 50% linen and 50% cotton for Damask towels, 100% linen for white towel

Dimensions: Damask hand towel cm 123 x cm 70  (48″ x 28″)

Damask guest towel cm 60 x cm 47 (24″ x 19″)

white towel cm 110 x cm 65 without fringes (43″ x 26″)

Country of origin: Italy


Set of three Italian towels consisting of an hand towel and a guest towel in linen and cotton blend, woven in Umbria (Italy) in handcrafted looms with Damask processing and finished with hemstitching and a white hand towel in 100% damask superfine linen Flanders with floral motif and finished, on both sides, with long, richly hand-woven fringes.

These Italian towels fit perfectly both in classic style bathrooms and in the more modern and minimalist ones, bringing refinement and elegance to the room.

Curious Note : Typically Damask fabric does not have a right and a wrong side, but presents both sides perfectly finished (although conventionally the shiny background is considered as the right side). To prevent the fringes from twisting and ruining during washing in the washing machine, just place the towels inside an old cotton pillowcase and then wash.

If you want more information on the Umbrian textile tradition, you can read the article on our blog by clicking here


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