Materials: wool

Dimensions: cm 370 x cm 110 including fringes (approximately 12 ft x 3,6 ft)

Country of origin: Turkey

Vintage shag rug called Tulu, hand woven in the 60’s/70’s in Turkey in excellent condition.

Tulu is Turkish for “hairy“. Today this type of shag rug has become very rare. It was used by Kurdish and Anatolian nomads and was made with the express purpose of obtaining warmth and softness, so that one could sleep on it and protect from the cold. The shaggy side was placed on the ground as an insulator.

The wool with which it is made comes from the Angora goat, much warmer and softer than sheep’s wool, keeping the yarn very long so as to increase its thermal power.

The colors are bright because they were intended to keep evil spirits away.

If you are looking for a particular, unique, handmade rug that does not go unnoticed and gives character to the room, this is the rug for you!

Unique piece.

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