Materials: sheep’s wool

Dimensions: cm 225 x cm 150  (approximately 7,3 ft by 4,9 ft)

Country of origin: Kyrgyzstan

Felt rug called Shyrdak made entirely by hand in Kyrgyzstan by artisan women who, following ancient techniques, keep this centuries-old tradition of the country alive.

The rug consists of two layers of wool felt. The top layer features the typical Kyrgyz decorative motifs in dark brown and dark red colors. The braided cord (jeek) around the designs is pale gray. The second layer of felt, which creates the base of the Shyrdak, is made of a stronger wool than the top layer. This wool gives a rigid shape to the carpet and has excellent insulating properties.

In Shyrdak rugs, in addition to decorative motifs, colors and their combinations also have a precise symbolic meaning. Nomadic peoples of Central Asia believed that the red color scared off evil spirits, giving the owners of the yurt the power and strength of the sun.

Unique piece.

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