Materials: Cotton, wool

Dimensions: 125 cm x 195 cm   (approximately 4 ft x 6,4 ft)

Country of origin: Morocco

Beautiful colorful rug Boucherouite hand-knotted by the Berber populations of the High Atlas, using carefully selected recycled cotton and wool material.

Berber women make Boucherouite rugs without predefined designs, through the free movement of their fingers, just as the different brushstrokes create a painting. In this way they can express their sensitivity, creativity and imagination in complete freedom, without any premeditation.

Perfect for decorating your home, with its wonderful explosion of colours, this colorful rug brings a touch of joy and brightness to any decor.

Unique piece.

Our carpets are all authentic Berber carpets: they are not “Berber style” and they are not made in Pakistan or India, but they are all hand woven by the Berber people of Morocco. If you are not satisfied with imitations and you love the unique beauty of authentic products, we are the shop for you!

 If you want to have more information on the Boucherouite Berber carpets, you can read the article on our page “Around the world”, by clicking here or read here.


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