Materials: Silk and Wool

Dimensions: cm 65 x cm 165 (approximately 26″ x 65″)

Country of origin: Kyrgyzstan


Beautiful felt and silk scarf handcrafted in Kyrgyzstan with the particular handwork that combines the silk of the fabric with the wool felt of the decorations.

The fabric is 100% silk gauze, natural and light weight. The decorative motifs depicting the mountain flowers of Kyrgyzstan are made with natural merino wool felt.

In summer evenings this stunning felt and silk scarf can act as a stole on light dresses, in autumn and spring it can be wrapped around the neck or simply dropped with the ends along the body; in any case, it will give a special and precious touch to your every look.

Hand wash the scarf in cold or slightly lukewarm water with a detergent for delicate clothes. Don’t squeeze.

Unique piece.


Scarves made of silk and natural wool offer many advantages over those made of synthetic materials, as they do not cause allergies and are environmentally friendly.

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