Tappeto nero - tappeti neri


It may seem difficult to include a black rug in the furnishing of a home without risking creating an environment that is too cold and rigorous like that of an office (where a black rug is charming). Black rugs, in fact, are the expression of a design that loves pure and austere lines, but in reality black is a color with a great personality, very fashionable and that never goes out of style and adapts to a great variety of styles.

A classic winning combination is the combination of black and white, for a sober and elegant design of considerable aesthetic impact that plays on contrasts. Therefore, the black rug combined with white sofas and armchairs is perfect, perhaps with chromed steel finishes, glass furnishing accessories and large black and white photographs on the walls.

To break the spell between the two non-colors and warm up the look, a chromatic note can be added and so instead of black and white photos you can use large paintings in the colors of red, orange, yellow. Or replace the white sofas with yellow sofas that blend well with a black rug.

For a more refined and opulent style together with the black rug, just combine white sofas and armchairs with finishes not in steel, but in golden or brass-colored metal and insert some furniture with a particular texture completely in golden or brass-colored metal in the room.

Furthermore, the black rug is also perfect in industrial-style furnishings, combined with warm-colored leather sofas and armchairs, wooden and dark metal furniture.

Whatever style you prefer, a black rug is a carpet with great charm that allows you to give a strong impression to any room in which it is placed.

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