tappeti berberi beni ourain


The carpets have always been, are and will be an indispensable part of the decoration of our homes…

Many times we like a rug, but we don’t think it fits the room decoration. So why not change the decoration of our home and fit the carpet of our dreams, that you fell in love with at first sight.

I fell in love with Beni Ourain rugs, do not know if you know them, have been published in various decor magazines like AD, MICASA, ELLEDECOR etc, will love them at first glance.

Let me describe these wonderful rugs I fell in love with.

Enjoyed them first for to their natural color, then because they are made with natural animal fibers; certainly it is known that the wool carpets are the most sought after for their comfort, for their pleasure in the sight and feel. Are recommended in all seasons of the year.

These rugs are handmade on rustic looms with pure sheep’s wool, which makes them very soft and fluffy to the touch.

Because  they are handmade, are  irregular carpets and, thus, unique pieces. Their shapes are rectangular in different sizes, but it is difficult to overcome the 2.20 metres wide. If you want the originals you should consider these characteristics …

Their main characteristic is the cream tones denoting which are natural wool, patterned with dark brown geometric shapes, made from the wool of the animal’s neck, or coloured black, with dyed wool with a natural product like the bark of the tree.

I hope you’ll love you too Beni Ourain rugs  as well as have done great characters of history, but I will speak in another article.

For now, come and discover Beni Ourain rugs on our site, even the more rare colored ones.. Click below.

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