Agata Pietra


Agate is a stone that is part of the quartz family, known for its bands of colors, often concentric, due to the way it forms inside the cavity of volcanic rocks, as the lava cools.

Since ancient times it has been considered a sacred stone and used as a talisman to ensure protection, especially the specimens with parallel lines, so much so that still in some countries, agate is still donated to babies in the form of a pendant to wish them good luck.

This stone can have various colors, ranging from brick red to orange, from yellow to anthracite, from green to purple, and for each color crystal therapy assigns specific properties, all protective and rebalancing: it is believed that it increases the sense security, instills courage, removing shyness and fear. Agate is also called “concreteness stone”, as it is able to help the person who wears it to focus apparently confused situations, stimulating the person to find the answers to their own questions, bringing clarity and lucidity.

The use of agate as an ornamental stone has very ancient roots: in the East it was already used in 3000 BC for decorative and practical purposes, such as for the production of vases. In ancient Rome, carved agates were particularly loved, that is, gems worked with a particular cutting technique, thanks to which they could be engraved according to a design or a figure. Even today, agate is widely used in jewelry for the creation of pendants, necklaces, rings, pins and earrings.

The agate can be cleaned with warm water and soap and then placed wrapped in a soft cloth. Very resistant, it fears only violent impacts that can break it.

In the field of fashion accessoriesagate is also used for the creation of splendid buckles for jeweled belts, which constitute the perfect accessory for every woman who wants to be unique and not go unnoticed. On sale on our website you can find a magnificent collection of belts with jeweled buckles handmade with agates of different colors combined with hard stones, pearls and rhinestones. To discover them all click on the button below.

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