pouf e cuscini da pavimento


Among the furnishing accessories, the pouf is one of the most versatile and original, able to adapt to a wide variety of uses, while giving the house a special touch.

The pouf in the living area, as well as a seat, can act as a support for a book or glasses or where to place the TV remote control and also become a beautiful footstool, allowing us to sit comfortably, but any room in the house can be a place perfect for arranging a pouf.

In the bedroom can also act as a bedside table or be placed at the foot of the bed as an additional seat and is ideal for children when they want to play or have fun.

The pouf doesn’t necessarily have to be matched with the sofa, as it is a separate element, so green light to contrasts, materials and colors that break off with the rest of the seats.

Moroccan leather pouf fit perfectly into any environment and style; to realize this just browse the magazines of furniture from all over the world, in which we see them successfully placed both in classic furnishings that bohemian or modern and minimal, or outside the house, in the garden or on the terrace, for a young and sparkling style, but always refined.

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