Adding some decorative pillows to your furniture or changing existing ones is a wonderfully simple and inexpensive way to make the look of your living room, bedroom or any other room in your home different and new.

Here are some tips and simple tricks to match the decorative pillows in order to obtain a magnificent result.

A first scheme to follow is that which is based on colors: in this case, choose a color for the decorative pillows that you like declined in all its shades and that coordinates with the rest of the room (wall, sofa, curtains etc.). Or vice versa, focus on the contrast and choose a color for the decorative pillows that is not present in the room and that emerges among all the others, so as to bring a touch of liveliness to the environment.

If you prefer not to risk with color, an always right and effective choice is to rely on the timeless black and white, perfect combination both in minimal and modern environments and in more classic and traditional interiors.

Not only the colors, but also the materials can prove to be precious furnishing elements : an idea is to combine decorative pillows of the same material but with completely different textures or decorative pillows of completely different materials, provided that all in the same color palette and complementary to the materials of the other furnishings in the room so as to obtain a coherent and harmonious visual effect.

You can also follow the Rule of Three. After choosing a basic reference color, choose three distinct colors from different parts of the room, such as the walls, the carpet or the curtains that are in harmony with the reference color.

If you opt for decorative pillows with different patterns, the appearance of the room will still be consistent if they share the same three colors you have chosen. To avoid a chaotic and confusing aspect choose only two fantasies. First, choose the main fabric, with a medium / large size motif, with brighter colors and containing all three colors you have chosen.

Next, select the second pattern on a scale opposite to that of the main fabric, then with a small motif. In order not to be mistaken, we advise you to choose a pattern of neutral colors or with a single accent color that incorporates one of the colors of the main fabric.

Basically, one of the two fabrics must stand out on the other: the first of the two will have the most evident and bright colors and designs, the other will be a little more discreet and neutral. After selecting the two patterns, add a solid color to tie the elements together. Again, select a color that is present in the main fabric.

Now that you know the Rule of Three, it is important to say that all the rules are made to be broken. There is no magic formula to match and mix the cushions … it’s up to you to experiment and find something you like!In our online shop you can find a large variety of decorative pillows, different in colors, shapes and materials, but all with the characteristic of being unique pieces with fabrics handmade by the skilled hands of a craftsman. You just have to start your choice!

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