Materials: lava stone, ruby, freshwater pearls, silver

Dimensions: cm 90 (approximately 35″) in length

Country of origin: Italy


Beautiful necklace for women composed of smooth and porous lava stones, faceted ruby root and freshwater pearls of various types and sizes. 925 sterling silver clasp. Unique piece made by hand in Italy.

The necklace is shipped with the certificate that guarantees the authenticity of the used materials.


Curious note: Ruby is an energising stone that energises and balances you life so that you are able to live it to the fullest. Ruby is a stone of abundance and helps you keep wealth and passion.

Lava stone brings a calming and centered vibe. It can help to dissipate anger and absorbs negative energy.

Pearls are said to assist in calming and centering, as well as nurture your faith, loyalty, integrity and purity.


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