Materials: raffia

Dimensions: cm 60 x cm 230  (approximately 24″ x 91″)

Country of origin: Congo


Wonderful vintage African Kuba cloth, hand-woven by the Kuba tribal population, in the Democratic Republic of Congo and decorated with the appliqué technique. No two African Kuba fabrics are alike.

This African fabric is an authentic used tribal garment and as such it may have imperfections and small signs of wear which represent a characteristic of the material and add beauty and uniqueness to the product.


Curious Note: Kuba cloths are African raffia sheets made from palm fibers, hand-woven by men and decorated exclusively by women, with different techniques. Appliqué is the most popular weaving technique among the Kuba. To create an appliquéKuba artists use a stencil to cut decorative designs out of a brightly colored cloth, and then sew or apply the designs onto a cloth of a different color. The designs are then placed on top of yet another cloth. The process of creating these Kuba works of art is extremely time-consuming and may take several days to complete a simple piece.


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