Materials: wool

Dimensions: 165 cm x 255 cm (approximately 5,4 ft x 8,3 ft)

Country of origin: Morocco

Beautiful Moroccan kilim rug, called Zanafi, handmade in Morocco.
In Zanafi Berber carpets, only two threads of different colors are generally used, to create straight lines, geometric and tribal motifs typical of Berber symbolism. This diamond pattern rug with interwoven stripes is full of charm and can bring beauty to any room.
Unique piece.

Our rugs are all authentic Berber carpets: they are not “Berber style” and they are not made in Pakistan or India, but they are all hand woven by the Berber people of Morocco. If you are not satisfied with imitations and you love the unique beauty of authentic products, we are the shop for you!

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