Materials: Wool and cotton

Dimensions: 173 cm x 280 cm  (approximately 5,7 ft x 9,2 ft)

Country of origin: Morocco

Vintage Moroccan flat weave rug called Hanbel, handmade by the Berber tribe of the Zemmour in Morocco. These Berber carpets are very popular not only for the excellent quality of the materials, wool and cotton, but also for the magnificent variety of their decorative patterns, expression of the striking Berber symbolism.

This Moroccan flat weave rug shows a combination of decorative motifs in red and white truly extraordinary. In excellent condition, it has only a small tear on the edge that nothing takes away of his beauty.

Unique piece.

Our rugs are all authentic Berber carpets: they are not “Berber style” and they are not made in Pakistan or India, but they are all hand woven by the Berber people of Morocco. If you are not satisfied with imitations and you love the unique beauty of authentic products, we are the shop for you!

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