Materials: wool and cotton

Dimensions: 140 cm x 270 cm

Country of origin: Morocco


Magnificent Azilal Moroccan rug hand-knotted by the Berber populations of the Atlas in Morocco, in warm wool (85%) on a cotton warp (15%), depicting the classic motifs of the rich Berber symbolism, such as the diamond motif, repeated countless times with different colors, a symbol associated with women and life or the motif of the arrow, a symbol of vital momentum and male fertilizing force.

Azilal Berber rugs express well the great artistic ability of Berber women, who create their artifacts freely, playing with shapes and colors, following only their ideas and intuitions, without following a predefined design.
Unique piece.


Our rugs are all authentic Berber carpets: they are not “Berber style” and they are not made in Pakistan or India, but they are all hand woven by the Berber people of Morocco. If you are not satisfied with imitations and you love the unique beauty of authentic products, we are the shop for you!

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